Hi, I'm Andy.

Thanks for visiting. If you're looking for my resume, you've found the right place! If you're interested in knowing a little more about me, well, I can help out with that too.

My background is in video games, a craft that marries storytelling, art, programming, and more. Though I've since dedicated myself to web development, I carry that background with me and it influences the way I approach life. My free time is spent painting landscapes, reading, and listening to Synthwave. I like tattoos, cooking, motorcycles, and play Magic the Gathering. I hope to one day write a novel, travel the world, and speak several languages (in no particular order).


Andrew Maul

Developer. Writer. Artist.

Skills, Tools, and Languages

  • + JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Mocha
  • + Adobe Experience Manager, JCR, HTL, OSGi
  • + Jekyll, Liquid
  • + Sass, Gulp, Grunt
  • + Maven
  • + Photoshop
  • + Agile
  • + Git
  • ~ Java (Learning)
  • ~ Express/REST (Learning)



Front-End Developer 09/15 to Present

I work in melt's Custom line of business, which is a team dedicated to writing, well, custom software. My day-to-day work includes a lot of front-end and server-side JS, but I am actively pursuing a full-stack position with Java and Node. I'm a certified AEM developer and support that line of business with custom components, services, and tooling. I champion for better pull requests and spearhead efforts toward documentation.

Northern Arizona University

Multimedia Technical Designer 06/14 to 09/15

As the multimedia technical designer of the Extended Campuses'​ Personalized Learning Degree team, I worked closely with IT, Lead Faculty, and the Curriculum Manager. The role was dynamic, and included a mix of administrative, developmental, and trouble-shooting tasks. I worked in both Pearson's eCollege and Moodlerooms learning management systems on a daily basis. I also provided teams with technical solutions to improve organizational efficiency.

Blue Earth Interactive

Front-End Developer Intern 01/14 to 05/14

Assisted the lead developers in a number of web and software projects, creating solutions in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and XML. I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for image editing and creation, and frequently worked in Wordpress. I was recognized for my strengths in CSS layouts and responsive implementation.

University of Advancing Technology

Lead Curriculum Specialist 05/11 to 11/13

Team lead of the Curriculum Department. I maintained, edited, and updated content in the eCollege LMS. I acted as a consult to resident and online faculty on curriculum, and created web-based solutions in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


University of Advancing Technology

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia 09/08 to 05/11



AEM Developer Certification 03/17

Salem Press Publishing

Contributing Author, "2000s in America" 06/12 to 10/12