Journey into Digital Painting

Just about a year ago (September 2014) I decided that I was going to sit down and finally learn to paint. I had all the equipment I’d need with Photoshop CS6 and a Cintiq 12wx - I just needed to learn how. So I started with the master himself, Bob Ross. I watched countless videos, and started figuring out how to translate his methods from analog to digital. I also studied contemporary concept artists via tutorials on YouTube for technical application and workflows. To date I’ve done six paintings (well under my goal of 12, but it’s something at least). With each one I try and push the threshold of my abilities.

Painting 1 - Mountains

Finished September 2014 Painting1

Painting 2 - Mountains

Finished October 2014 Painting2

Painting 3 - Mountains

Finished February 2015 Painting3

At this point I wanted to explore something other than mountains (though they remain my favorite thing to paint so far.)

Painting 4 - Red Forest

Finished March 2015 Painting4

Painting 5 - Island (Aerial View)

Finished July 2015 Painting5

I’ve recieved great feedback from my artistically-inclined friends on these, and tried to apply their critiques to each subsequent piece. I’ve been working on the sixth painting for some time, and hope to have it done soon. Thanks for looking!