Digital Painting #9

After the muted and dreary color palette of my last painting, I wanted to change it up and do something a little more colorful. I’ve been in love with works by Ivan Aivazovsky, a russian romantic painter who became famous for his prolific seascape paintings. Naturally, I painted a seascape for number nine!

Seascape took around ~20 hours or so of actual painting time; much less than the previous piece. I didn’t restart too many times, and was pretty happy with how most elements took shape. I forgot to take in-progress screenshots of this one, so this post will be pretty short. All said and done, I’m content with how Seascape turned out and got the bonus of trying out new brushes while doing it. I haven’t yet found my “style”, and probably won’t for a while, so trying out different brushes and techniques is paramount. The next painting is number ten - a big milestone. I’m not yet sure what kind of subject matter I’ll attempt, but I think I’ going to really push myself out of my comfort zone. Probably won’t be a mountain, tempted as I am.