Inktober 2019 Highlights

Another October came and went, and with it, Inktober. Like last year I particpated with my coworkers (which is really the highlight of the event). I went much more casual this year finishing less than half of the prompts. The relaxed approach was really nice, and allowed me to spend more time on each piece. I went with a tarot-style set of illustrations and focused on trying to learn the tools better. For each piece the process was the same: draw gridlines and do the initial sketch in pencil, first pass with Micron pens, color fill with Tombow markers, additional passes with Micron pens, and then finally any small gold or white highlights.

Doing Inktober for a few years now has taught me that inks are very difficult for me. I took to painting over drawing for similar reasons, I think, and inking makes me appreciate drawing even more. If there’s one habit I’d like to force myself into it’d be sketching more often. Overall Inktober 2019 was great fun and I look forward to doing it again next year! Here are some highlights: